Coating Thickness
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Coating Thickness Gauge

Pocket Gauges

"Fischer Coating Thickness Meter: A compact devices of the MP0 and MP0R series are an economical solution for quick and easy coating thickness measurements in the corrosion protection field. When it comes to examining the layers that protect ships, bridges or other hard-to access steel structures, these lightweight and hand sized instruments really show their strength. "

Probes For Coating Thickness

High resolution probes execute the conversion of coating thickness into an electrical signal which is in order to unveil the value of coating thickness on the display screen of device. Our high resolution probes have special cavity probe V3FGA06H designed for non-destructive measurements of EPD coatings ensuring high efficiency. These have patented conductivity compensation that enables adjustment for various base material conductivities. High resolution probes have spring-loaded system that ensures the decrement in calculation errors and thus helps in increasing the accuracy of the device.