Coating Thickness
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Portable Thickness Gauge MP0

Coating Thickness Pocket Gauge


Statistics:Display of mean value, standard deviation, MIN, MAX and number of all measurements stored in the instrument memory

Measurement Functions

Units of measurement: Selectable  m or mils

Continuous display mode:Measurement in "continuous display mode" for continuous sampling of the surfaces, e.g., in the manufacture of tanks and containers.

Normalization:Adaptation to the substrate material and the shape of the specimen.

Calibration:Factory calibration

With the greatest Each individual instrument is factory calibrated at several reference points care to ensure the highest possible degree of trueness.

Calibration (Adjustment)

Adaptation to the substrate material and the shape of the specimen and to a thickness value using a calibration foil.

Simple Calibration

Adaption to the coating and substrate material in one step using a coated reference part with a coating thickness higher than 200 m (7.87 inches). This kind of calibration supplies only a lower accuracy.

General Features
  • Measuring method:Magnetic induction method (ISO 2178, ASTM D7091, Measurement of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates)
  • Probe:Probe tip radius: 2 mm (78 mils); Probe tip material: Hard metal
  • Data memory:Max. 1,000 individual readings; the contents of the memory is retained even without batteries
  • Measuring frequency:Automatic upon placement of the probe; indication of the measurement with a beep visually with a green lit LED
  • Display:Graphic display, in addition to the measurement reading the mean value and the standard deviation or the number of measurement reading can also be displayed.LCD display on the top side of the instrument, e.g., for reading the measurement value for measurement overhead
  • Admissible ambient:0 .... +40 °C (+32 ... +104 °F)
  • temperature range during
  • operation:
  • Weight (incl. batteries):MP0: 137 g (4.8 oz)
  • MP0-FP: 184 g (6.5 oz)
  • Power supply:2 Batteries, LR6,, 1.5 V