Coating Thickness
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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Material Testing

Ferrite Content Measurement

Feritscope FMP30 is extensively used in different industries to measure ferrite content in steel. It helps in maintaining the grades steel as excess or deficit of ferrite can lead the adverse impact on the quality of steel. If the ferrite content in steel is too high, the ductility and toughness as well as corrosion resistance of the steel is undermined and if it lacks then it will result in hot-cracking of weldment. Thus the test of ferrite content is necessary because the structures made of steel are generally exposed to aggressive media, high pressure and heat in process engineering, power and chemical plants.

Sealing Quality Testing

Our sealing quality test – anotest is weather resistant and designed in compliance with the DIN EN ISO 12373-5 and ASTM B 457-67 standards. It is basically a sealing quality tester of anodic coatings on aluminum. It is equipped with LCD display which shows the readings accurately in no time. This sealing quality test – anotest is designed with utmost precision by our professionals using superb quality material and advance machines.

Electrical Conductivity Measurement

Our electrical conductivity measurement instrument sigmascope SMP350 is designed with utmost precision to measure the electrical conductivity of the metallic conductor accurately and precisely.