Coating Thickness
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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

DFT Meter MP0 Series

Coating thickness pocket gauge – MP0 is a specially designed measuring instrument to measure coating thickness rapidly and accurately. This coating thickness pocket gauge - MP0 is perfect for instant anywhere use due to its small size, light weight and reliable design. These are crafted to perform operations like menu navigation and have graphic display. Coating thickness pocket gauge unveils the reading of measurement in seconds and displays it directly on the top. This coating thickness pocket gauge - MP0 is customized with different language options thus fulfilling the requirement of different language users.


PERMASCOPE MP0: Probe integrated in the measuring instrument for single-handed operation

PERMASCOPE MP0-FP: Probe with cable (80 cm; 31.5 “) permanently connected to the instrument, for measurements on various specimen shapes


Zinc, chromium, copper, paint, varnish and plastic coatings on steel, iron or cast iron (Fe)

Measurements both on smooth and rough surfaces