Coating Thickness
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Coating Thickness Measurement- Coulometric Method

Destructive Coating Thickness Measurement

Couloscope CMS2 is used to measure metallic coating over the metallic and non metallic substrate. It can measure both single layer and multi-layer coating. It is provided with graphical display for having a clear view of measurement. It has various predefined measurement applications for various types of metal coatings. Our benchtop coating thickness measurement unit – couloscope CMS2 has selectable measurement units and has various display languages options such as Asian, South American and European.

Couloscope CMS2 Step

The CMS2 STEP features the additional STEP Test (Simultaneous Thickness and Electrochemical Potential determination) function. It is used for standardised STEP Test measurements of individual coating thicknesses and differences in potential (according to ASTM B764-94 and DIN 50022) in the quality control of multiplex nickel coating systems.