Coating Thickness
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Probes For Coating Thickness Measurements 01

Probes For Coating Thickness Measurements

Typical Fields of Applications of Coating Thickness Measurements

  • Measurement of rust protection coating in plastics on steel pipes with the probe FKB10
  • Measuring of duplex coatings using the probe FDX13H
  • Measurements of anodized coatings with curvature-compensating probe FTD3.3
  • Automated measurement on piston rods of the chrome coating with the probe V2FGA06H
  • Measurement with the two-pole probe V7FKB4 of zinc powder coating
  • Measurement using the Dual probe FD10 of auto body paint thickness

Various measurement areas

  • Measurement of the coating thickness with the given below material combinations:
  • Diameter from 2 mm (78.7 mils)
  • Areas from 30 mm x 30 mm (1.18 " x 1.18 €œ)

Various measuring sites

  • Easily reachable
  • Flat and even surfaces
  • High specimen temperatures up to + 80oC (+ 176oF)
  • Humidity ambient
  • Boreholes
  • Grooves and cavities
  • Curved surfaces and on cylinders

Automated or manual measurements

  • Hand-held probes
  • Built-in probes for automated measuring systems

Various coating hardnesses

  • Hard coating materials (metallic coatings like chrome etc.)
  • Softly coated materials (paint, lacquer, textiles etc.)

Various coating hardnesses

  • Epoxy and plastic
  • Iron and steel
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Steel under Duplex coating systems
  • Various metals

Various coating hardnesses

  • Single probe tip or double probe tips
  • Round or even pole tips
  • Different probe tip sizes
  • Different probe tip materials, e.g. hard metal, jewel, TiN/TiC, PVD, hard plastic