Coating Thickness
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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge 01

  • Field Upgradeable
  • Illuminating keypad for easy go/no go thickness values (UMP 40 100)
  • Live Waveform (UMP 40 100)
  • 100 K reading Datalogger (UMP 40 100)
  • Two Point Calibration
  • Vibrate on Alarm (UMP 40 100)
  • Multiple dual and single element transducer options including high temperature
  • Echo to echo option to ignore coatings (UMP 40 100)
  • B-scan option

Boiler Tubes, pressure vessels, storage tanks, ship hulls, containers, home oil tanks, pipes,steamlines, compressors, shafts

FISCHERSCOPE® UMP20: Entry level, eld upgradeable gauge can be used with three transducers. The standard and default transducer is the DKS-537 which measures from .040-20" in steel, the DC-250 is the preferred probe for more attenuating materials such as castings, and the DK-718 for thinner (.030" in steel) or smaller diameter applications such as boiler tubes.

FISCHERSCOPE® UMP40: All of the features of the UMP 20 and a 100,000 reading Data- logger with the ability to export to Excel using PC Ultra Datex software. It also includes the ability to view B-Scans and Echo to Echo to ignore coatings.

FISCHERSCOPE® UMP100: Includes live Color Waveform, 100,000 thickness readings via internal datalogger, DKS-537, 5MHz, .375 "diameter transducer with potted cable, Echo to Echo and B-Scan, USB cable USB-09-6 and PC Ultra Datex interface program to export saved readings to Excel.