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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

RoHS Analyzer SDD-RoHS

Determination of Harmful Substances in Very Small  Concentrations – RoHS screening using ED-XRF

  • FISCHER X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measuring instruments for fast screening. The samples are not destroyed and do not need to be prepared extensively. For example, the critical chemical elements Pb, Hg and Cd with detection limits of a few ppm can thus be measured in plastics.

  • Trace analysis to verify RoHS compliance for solder pads on printed circuit boards and electronic components, content determination, e.g., of Pb, Hg and Cd.

  • Detection of harmful substances in toys and packaging

Other feartures

  • Testing and verifying conformity to RoHS and WEEE
  • Verifying the reliability of electronics through materials
  • analysis & coating thickness measurements
  • Analysis of multi-layer electronic components
  • General materials testing analysis of Plating Bath Solutions

Product details


DIN EN 71 (Safety of Toys Standard) and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)


X-ray fluorescence instrument for measuring very small concentrations of harmful substances



Model Name/Number




Measuring Object

Plastics,Plated materials,Toys

Measurement Mode

Benchtop ED-XRF Machine for RoHS Screening with plating thickness measurement