Coating Thickness
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PCB Coating Thickness Measurement Phasoscope PMP 10

PCB Coating Thickness Measurement Phasoscope

Hand-held instrument for measuring coating thickness on PC Boards and electroplated surfaces. The hand-held PHASCOPE® PMP10 is ideally suited for quality control in the electroplating and printed circuit board (PCB) industries. Because the instrument employs the phase-sensitive eddy current method (ISO 21 968), it allows the measurement of metal coatings on any substrate. A specially designed probe even enables measurements in PCB throughholes.



  • Measuring copper thickness in PCB through-holes, especially on thick PC Boards.
  • Measuring coating thickness of nickel on steel
  • Measuring zinc or copper on steel – despite rough surfaces and complex surface geometries
  • Measuring the thickness of non-ferrous metals on non-ferrous metals, given sufficient difference in conductivity, e.g. copper on brass or bronze
  • Measuring the thickness of non-ferrous metals on insulating substrates, such as copper layers on circuit boards.
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Paint/zinc on iron, e.g. thin EPD coatings
  • Paint on aluminium
  • Paint on steel
  • Brake line tubing
  • Wire (mesh and lattice), e.g. shopping trolleys

The PHASCOPE® PMP10 DUPLEX combines three measurement methods Magnetic induction method For measuring the overall thickness of paint and Amplitude-sensitive eddyFor measuring a single paint layer on aluminium current method DIN EN

ISO 2360: Phase-sensitive eddyFor measuring zinc coatings on iron,

current method ISOirrespective of overlying paint layers 21968:

Instrument features

  • DUPLEX measuring mode: display of paint on zinc on iron or paint on aluminium
  • DUAL measuring mode: display of total thickness (paint and zinc) on iron or paint on aluminium
  • Extensive evaluation and statistics functions
  • Outlier control and tolerance monitoring options
  • Various languages to choose from
  • Battery and/or continuous operation via plug-in charger (included)
  • Storage of up to 20,000 readings
  • Data transfer via RS232 interface