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Micro Hardness Testing HM 2000 S

Fischerscope HM2000 S is a modern Microhardness Testing Machine or nanoindentation gauging instrument used for finding the marten’s hardness HM, particular elastic quantities, the indentation hardness, the indentation modulus as well as supplementary material factors. This fischerscope Microhardness Testing device HM2000 S is tested according to ISO 14577-1 as well as ASTM E 2546 standards. In addition, it also measures the factors in nanometer and micro range.


  • Available with a measuring head HT2000 that contains the test load generating unit, the position measurement unit and the indenter that is ideal for measuring indentation depth and whole electronic system.

  • HM2000 S can be upgraded with a programmable positioning aid.


  • Minimum requirements on sample preparation

  • In-situ zero point determination while measuring

  • Measurement of dark surfaces with no sample pretreatment

  • Optional: additional stone plate along with silicon damper pads to decrease influence of vibrations

  • Easy operations through the WIN-HCU ® Software

  • Outstanding measuring head HT2000 temperature stability, the creep behavior of materials is determined accurately with measuring times up to numerous hours

  • Ample load and depth variety

  • Ideal for a number of applications like ceramic diamond-like carbon coatings, polymeric automotive clear coats, etc.

  • High end designs for all environments

  • Majority of samples is measured quickly without the need of preparation of special samples

  • Exceptional thermal stability for study of rate-dependent polymers material properties

  • Optional: Stone plate with silicon damper pads to decrease influence of vibrations

  • Indentation: Berkovich, spherical indentors or Vickers are provided

  • Dark surfaces measurement in the lack of sample pre-treatment

  • Convenient operations with customizable WIN-HCU Software

Typical areas of application are:

  • Paint, synthetic coatings (PVD, CVD) or hard material

  • Materials used in medical technology applications

  • Plasma-applied coating systems

  • Electroplated coatings (decorative, functional)

  • Electronic components 

General Specification

  • Intended use: Nanoindentation on lacquer coatings, hard material coatings, bulk materials, electroplated coatings and polymers and much more

  • Design:Measurement system with PC, measuring head and stand

  • Damper system:Stone plate with 4 damper pads

Measuring head HT2000

  • Hardness measurement range: 0.001 - 120 000 N/mm2: near diamond hardness

  • Test load range:0.1 - 2000 mN

  • Load resolution:  150 nN

  • Distance resolution: < 10 pm

  • Noise floor: < 175 pm


  • Design:Standard: Vickers
    Optional: Berkovich, Knoop, hard metal spheres  0.4 mm or  2.0 mm,
    Special shapes on request

  • Approach speed of the indenter:  0.7 m/sec
    Maximum indentation depth:150 m, special design up to 500 m

Sample Stage

  • Design:Stand

  • Specimen size:Min.  6 mm


  • Enhanced damper system:Additional stone plate with 4 damper pads

  • Sample holders:Holder for cylindrical specimens

  • Measurement chamber S: Closed measurement chamber for reducing influences caused by flowing air like air conditioning. Door can be mounted on left or right side.

Electrical Data

  • Main voltage, mains frequency:100 to 240 V ±10 % 47 - 63 Hz

  • Power consumption: max. 20 W (without evaluation PC)

  • Protection class:IP40


  • External dimensions:Width x depth x height [mm]: 400 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm

  • Weight:35 kg incl. stand

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating temperature:10oC - 40oC / 50oF- 104oF

  • Storage temperature: 0oC - 50oC / 32oF - 122oF

  • Admissible air humidity: 95 %, non-condensing

Evaluation Unit

  • Software:WIN-HCU

  • Operating system:Windows


  • CE approval:EN 61010

  • Standards:DIN EN ISO 14577, ASTM E 2546