Coating Thickness
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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge FMP30 & 40

Features of Digital Gauge Coating Thickness

  • External key-triggered measurement acquisition such as in hollow cylinders with little diameters
  • Audible as well as visual warning when tolerance limits are surpassed
  • Option Bluetooth or COM additional obtainable to the default USB interface

Measurement strategies & evaluation of Digital Thickness Gauge

  • Stored specifications for measurements as per SSPC-PA2, IMO PSPC, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT
  • Capability of matrix measurement mode for connected multi-point measurements
  • Averaging of measurement data: Only the mean value of readings will be stored
  • Measurement acquisition using area measurement: Single readings are taken until probe lift-off and averaged
  • Outlier rejection settings for automatic removal of erroneous measurements
  • Free-running display with extra presentation of the reading as an analog bar between the tolerance limits
  • Statistics display of the significant values in the block as well as final results. Output of variance-analytical values
  • Graphical measurement show as a histogram
  • Able of entering process tolerance limits as well as computation of the linked process capability indices CPK and CP