Coating Thickness
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Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge For Connectors XULM

Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge For Connectors

Coating thickness measurement gauge for connectors – XULM is available in various technical specifications. These are robust entry-level X-ray fluorescence measuring instruments for non-destructive material analysis and coating thickness measurement. Compact sized these devices are extensively acclaimed for their consistent performance, outstanding accuracy and longer service life. These are widely used for the non-destructive coating thickness measurement and material analysis.



  • Measurements on small parts like screws, bolts and nuts
  • Measurements on contacts and electronic components
  • Determining of the composition of electroplating baths

General Specification

Intended use:Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence measuring instrument (EDXRF) for material analysis and coating thickness measurement.

Element range:Chlorine (17) to Uranium (92) – up to 24 elements simultaneously with

option WinFTM® BASIC.

Design:Bench top unit with upwards opening hood

Measuring direction:Bottom up

X-Ray Source

X-ray tube:

XUL 210, XUL 220:Micro-focus tungsten tube with beryllium window

XULM 240:Micro-focus tungsten tube with beryllium window

High voltage:Three steps: 30 kV, 40 kV, 50 kV

Aperture (Collimator):

XUL 210, XUL 220:Ø 0.3 mm (11.8 mils), optional slot Ø 0.3 x 0.05 mm (11.8 x 2 mils)

XULM 240:4 x changeable

Standard (523-440):Ø 0.1 mm (3.9 mils); Ø 0.2 mm (7.9 mils); 0.05 x 0,05 mm (2 x 2 mils);

0.2 x 0.03 mm (7.9 x 1.2 mils)

Optional (523-366):Ø 0.1 mm (3.9 mils); Ø 0.2 mm (7.9 mils); Ø 0.3 mm (11.8 mils);

0.3 x 0.05 (11.8 x 2 mils)

Optional (524-061):Ø 0.1 mm (3.9 mils); Ø 0.2 mm (7.9 mils); 0.3 x 0.05 mm (11.8 x 2 mils);

Primary filter:

XUL 210, XUL 220:fixed

XULM 240:3 x changeable (Standard configuration: Nickel, Aluminum, no filter)

Measurement spot:Depending on the measuring distance and on the aperture, the actual measurement. Spot size is shown in the video image. Smallest measurement spot:

XUL 210 and XUL 220: approx. Ø 0,51 mm (20 mils)

XULM 240: approx. Ø 0,1 mm (3.9 mils)

X-Ray Detection

X-ray detector:Proportional counter tube

Absorber:XULM 240 only: optional cobalt or nickel absorber

Measuring distance:0 … 25 mm (0 … 1 in)

Distance compensation with patented DCM method for simplified measurements at varying distances. For particular applications or for higher demands on accuracy an additional calibration might be necessary.

Sample Alignment

Sample positioning:Manually

Video microscope:High-resolution CCD color camera for optical monitoring of the measurement location along the primary beam axis, Cross hairs with a calibrated scale (ruler) and spot-indicator,Adjustable LED illumination.

Zoom factor:Digital 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x

Evaluation Unit


Software:Standard: Fischer WinFTM® LIGHT

Optional: Fischer WinFTM® BASIC, PDM®, SUPER

Sample support stage

Sample Stage

XUL 210

XUL 220,XULM 240


Fixed sample support

Manual operable X/Y-stage

Usable sample placement area

310 x 320 mm (12.2 x 12.6 in)

310 x 320 mm (12.2 x 12.6 in)

Maximum travel XY


30 (X) x 40 (Y) mm
1.2 (X) x 1.6 (Y) in

Max. sample Weight

13 kg (29 lb)

2 kg (4.4 lb)

Max. sample Height

174 mm (6.8 in)

174 mm (6.8 in)

Electrical Data

Power supply:AC 115 V or AC 230 V 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption:max. 120 W, without evaluation PC

Protection class:IP40


External dimensions: Width x depth x height [mm]: 403 x 588 x 444 mm (15.9 x 23.2 x 17.5 in)

Weight:Approx. 45 kg (100 lb)

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature:10 °C – 40 °C / 50 °F – 104 °F

Storage/Transport0 °C – 50 °C / 32 °F – 122 °F


Admissible air humidity:≤ 95 %, non-condensing


CE approval:EN 61010

X-Ray standards:DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568

Approval:Fully protected instrument with type approval according to the German regulations.