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Porosity Testing Instrument HV20

Our porosity testing instrument HV20 is used in paint as well as engineering industries for finding out porosity as well as cracks in the coating that can damage the material on which the coating is done. This porosity testing machine is available in diverse specifications as well as models used on agitator kettles, pipelines, heat exchangers, mineral oil tanks, boilers, etc.


  • Strong and handy instruments for uneven applications at construction sites or in production

  • Three versions with different test voltage ranges:
    HV5: 0.8 -“ 5 kV
    HV20: 4 - €20 kV
    HV40: 8 -€“ 40 kV

  • Maximum safety using high voltage generation in the test head Intuitive operation with illuminated display, menu navigation, rotary button, etc.

  • Comprehensive electrode assortment for every application

  • Constantly adjustable test voltage, display of the test voltage present at the electrode and electronic test voltage monitoring

  • Optical as well as acoustic pore indication

  • Adaptable detection sensitivity

  • Ideal for testing of electrostatically chargeable objects

  • Battery operation with Li-ion rechargeable battery as well as smart battery technology

Typical fields of applications
  • The POROSCOPE enables you to find the pores rapidly and dependably on coated metals like Enamel- or plastic-coated mineral oil tanks, heat exchangers, agitator or kettles, pipelines, boilers, etc.

  • Plastic-coated food package

  • Corrosion protection coatings on hulls