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Micro Hardness Testing Picodentor HM 500 Light

Our micro hardness testing instrument - picodentor HM500 Light is an instrumented indentation tester/instrument which is user friendly and designed with high precision. It is used to measure nanome chanical properties like indentation modulus, indentation hardness, elastic modulus and creep. It is checked for quality as per the ISO 14577-1 and ASTM E 2546 standards. Furthermore, this picodentor HM500 Light is designed superbly with reduced positioning requirements and fixed configuration.

  • The measuring head contains the intender which is generally a diamond pyramid with 136° plane angle.
  • It is checked for quality under DIN EN ISO 14577-2 standards.
  • Indenters with a diamond pyramid according to Berkovich or with hard metal spheres are available as well.
  • The controlled touchdown of the measuring head leads to a very small machine compliance.
  • The measurement of the indentation depth is carried out with a resolution in the picometer range.
  • The micro hardness determination is computer controlled, free of any subjective influence, and thus independent of the operator.
  • Very simple operation
  • Excellent price/performance ratio: The achieved resolution and accuracy for the load and distance measurement is in the same range as that of instruments with a much higher purchasing price
  • Minimal sample preparation due to large working area and open layout
  • Measurements on dark surfaces without sample preparation
  • For simple specimen's geometries sufficient positioning accuracy of °m
  • Due to its granite design, the device is extremely dimensionally stable, has a very low thermal expansion and is excellently isolated against vibrations.
  • Additional vibration damping through closed measuring chamber and active anti-vibration table
  • Easy operation through the customizable WIN-HCU Software
Typical areas of application are:
  • Hard material coatings, general
  • Ultra thin DLC coatings
  • Protective coatings on glass
  • Soil-resistant coatings (sol-gel coatings)
  • Coatings of PC hard disks and CDs
  • Very thin paint coatings
  • Ion implanted surfaces
  • Nanocoatings for sensors
  • Medical technology (e.g. Implants)
  • Matrix effects in alloys
  • Biological materials
  • Ceramic material
  • Plasma-applied coating systems
General Specification
  • Intended use:Micro hardness measurement system for measurements according to
    DIN EN ISO 14577 of lacquer coatings, electroplated coatings,|
    hard coatings, polymers, metals, glass and much else.
  • Design: Bench top unit with PC, measuring head, positioning device (granite),
    programmable XY-stage, motorised z-axis, auto focus,joystick for controlling
    the XY-stage and Z-axis, measurement chamber.
  • Damper system:Active anti-vibration table

Measuring head
  • Hardness measurement range:0,001  120.000 N/mm2: near diamond hardnes
  • Test load range: 0.005  500 mN
  • Load resolution: ° 100 nN
  • Distance resolution: °40 pm

Microscope / Camera Magnification
  • Objective:4x, 20x and 40x
  • Video picture (field of vision):1600 m x 1200 m, 320 m x 240 m, 160 m x 120 μm
  • Design:Standard: Vickers
    Optional: Berkovich, Knoop, hard metal spheres  0.4 mm or  2.0 mm,
    Special shapes on request
  • Approach speed of the indenter: °0.1 m/s
  • Maximum indentation depth:150 m
Sample Stage
  • Design: Programmable XY-stage
  • Sample placement area: 180 mm x 150 mm
  • Maximum Travel: 170 mm x 140 mm
  • Repeatability precision XY: ° 2 m (unidirectional)

  • Objective / Video picture:The configuration cannot be changed
  • Base Frame:-
  • Sample holders:-

Electrical Data
  • Main voltage, mains frequency:100  240 V +/- 10 %, 47  63 Hz, 360 VA
  • Power consumption:max. 120 W (without evaluation PC)
  • Protection class:IP40
  • External dimensions:Width x depth x height [mm]: 630 mm x 650 mm x 610 mm
  • Weight:120 kg
  • Weight including measurement chamber and anti-vibration table: 220 kg

Environmental Conditions
  • Operating temperature:Climatic chamber class 2 10 °C  40 °C / 50 °F  104 °F
  • Storage temperature:0°C  50 °C / 32 °F 122 °F
  • Admissible air humidity:° 95 %, non-condensing

Evaluation Unit
  • Software:WIN-HCU
  • Operating system:Windows
  • CE approval: EN 61010
  • Standards: DIN EN ISO 14577, ASTM E 2546