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Coating Thickness
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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.


The Fischerscope X Ray instrument of the FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY 5000 is ground-breaking, energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence measuring systems (EDXRF) for varied applications in industrial production sites. The range of Helmut Fischer Fischerscope is designed for constant non-destructive study and measurement of thin layers as well as layer systems in production lines. Strong designs meet the harsh demands of industrial environments for continuous operation.

Applications of Fischer X Ray Machine 

  • Photovoltaic industry, e. g. CIGS, CIS, CdTe

  • Measurements of glass panels, foils and belts

  • Measurements of very hot surfaces (water cooled version)

General Specification

Intended use:Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument (EDXRF) to analyze and measure coatings and layer systems continuously in production processes.

Element range:Sodium Na (11) to Uranium U (92) if measured in vacuum Chlorine Cl (17) to Uranium U (92) if measured in the atmosphere.


Calibration: Swift and simple with a master standard directly in the manufacturing process

Remote control: Via programmed tasks or via various data interfaces

Data Interface: RS232, Command files, OLE automation, TCP/IP, PROFIBUS and PROFINET OPC mainly with SPS type SIMATIC, others on request


X-Ray Source

X-ray tube: Microfocus tungsten tube with berylium window, other tubes on request

High voltage: Three steps: 10 kV, 40 kV, 50 kV

Aperture (Collimator): Fixed, adapted to the particular application

X-Ray Detection

X-ray detector:Peltier-cooled silicon-drift-detector (SDD)

Resolution (fwhm for Mn-K±):  140 eV

Signal processor: Digital pulse processor

Distance compensation: ± 3 mm (118 mils) for measurements on glass substrates, with specific applications on glass substrates up to ± 5 mm (197 mils)

Measuring distance: 60 - 100 mm (2.4 - 3.9 in), other distances on request

Electrical data

Power supply: AC 115 V or AC 230 V 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption: max. 100 W (without evaluation PC)

Protection class:IP50

Evaluation unit


Software Standard: Fischer WinFTM® BASIC including PDM®

Optional: Fischer WinFTM® SUPER

Electrical Data

Power supply:AC 115 V or AC 230 V 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption:Max. 120 W ,without evaluation PC

Protection class:IP40





37 kg (82 lb)

47 kg (104 lb)

Flange dimensions

ISO 250F

ISO 250F

Outside W x D x H

236 x 350 x 370 mm (9.3 x 13.8 x 14.6 in)

236 x 350 x 370 mm (9.3 x 13.8 x 14.6 in)


Environmental Conditions



Measuring environment



Maximum sample surface

40oC (104oF)

400oC (752oF)

Admissible air humidity

95%, non- condensing

95%, non- condensing

Storage temperature

0oC - 50oC (32oF - 122oF)

0oC- 50oC (32oF - 122oF)

Operating temperature

0oC - 40oC (32oF - 104oF) around the housing

0oC-40oC (32oF-104oF) around the housing



CE approval:EN 61010

X-Ray standards:DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568

Approval:Individual approval. The provisions of local law have to be observed.