Coating Thickness
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Fischer measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Beta scope MMS PC2

Coating thickness measurement

Beta scope MMS is an industrial class coating thickness measurement device which gives the precise measure of how thick is the layer over various metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces. It is widely used in routine testing and sampling in a production line to maintain the quality. The smart and easy to use programmable logical control system equipped with this unit makes it very easier to use it. Beta scope MMS can be used in automobile, product manufacturing, paint and various other industries.  

Betascope MMS for Measurement of the coating thickness of:

  • All coating materials on metals
  • Metallic coatings on electrically nonconductive materials
  • Organic coatings like grease films

Material testing of Fischer Betascope

  • Measurement of the electrical conductivity of nonferrous metals
  • Testing of weld seams, ferrite content in duplex or austenitic steels


  • Automotive
  • Coating technologies
  • Electronics industry
  • Gold, watches, jewellery
  • Material analysis and material testing
  • Paint industry


  • Quality assurance in incoming as well as outgoing inspections
  • Routine tests or sampling in continuing production
  • Continuous manufacturing control
  • Integrated in quality management systems and company networks

Measurement by hand or automated

  • Automatically after touchdown of the probe
  • Semi automatically with motorised support stand as well as programmable XY measuring stage
  • Automated via PLC unit
  • At the push of a button or external start
  • In predefined time intervals
  • Automated in production plants

Modular design

Eight modules with diverse test methods for coating thickness, conductivity and ferrite content