Coating Thickness
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Benchtop Coating Thickness Measurement Unit Couloscope CMS2

Benchtop coating thickness measurement unit Couloscope CMS2 is widely used to calculate metallic coating over the metallic as well as non metallic substrate. The range of Benchtop Unit & Measurement Unit Couloscope can measure both single and multi-layer coating. It comes with graphical display for a clear view of measurement with predefined measurement applications. The array has selectable measurement units with different display languages options like South American, Asian, and European.

Special Feature:

  • Assessment of measurement data in table or graphic format

  • Automatic as well as manual measurement switch-off


  • Multi coatings: Cr/Ni/Cu on iron

  • Dual coatings: Sn/Ni on silver

  • Single coatings: Zn on iron


COULOSCOPE CMS2 for measuring the thickness of virtually any metallic coating on nonmetallic or metallic substrates especially multiple coatings


The COULOSCOPE CMS2 instrument measures the thickness of virtually any metallic coating on metallic or nonmetallic substrates.

Instrument features

  • Measure single coating and multi coating systems.

  • Graphical display for comprehensible view of the measurements, the set coating system and the parameters as deplating rate and test area size.

  • Selectable measurement units: μm or mils.

  • Graphical display of the cell voltage on the LCD screen.

  • Many predefined measurement applications for the most metal coatings.

  • European, Asian and South American display languages.